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"Mediterranean as it once was", "Small country for a great holiday", "land of thousands of islands", are official slogan's promoting Croatia and they reflect the best what Croatia has to offer a potential tourist. A unique indented coastline and beauties in front of the European door, preserved from exorbitant urbanization, present to the guests in a shape which evokes past times and Mediterranean as it once was of afternoon rest period and slow motion rhythm of life.

Numerous apartments in private accommodation, which are a Croatian shape of "Bed and breakfast", along with hotels and tourist settlements, make tourism a branch in which everyone is involved, more or less, so it is "good to host", omnipresent imperative and the base of traditional hospitality.
The information that Croatia with it's 4, 5 million inhabitants hosts more than 10 million inhabitants a year, gives a truly picture of the importance of tourism, and capability and virtues of a "good host". 

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Our travel agency is specialized to offer accommodation and services in Zadar, Zadar Riviera and the islands of the Zadar, where we have a large number of housing of all types. If, however, over the Zadar, you consider staying in some other part of Croatia and need to book your hotel or apartment - contact us - through our partners net we are able to offer solutions for hotels and apartments in Croatia at affordable prices. Some of these hotels where our guests have already stayed with good reviews, we also offer directly on our web site under the heading (region) - Adriatic Coast and it means "whole Croatia" apart from the region of Zadar.

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