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Beach Dugi Otok

Beaches on Dugi Otok island are relatively unknown but who ever had a chance to visit island Dugi otok considers them the most beautiful in the Adriatic. Some of them are keeping a secret for themselves and do not want to tell anybody about the amazing beaches and bays they discovered so that they can enjoy it the next year again by themselves. The most beautiful beaches are located outside the inhabited places on the island, but you can reach them by car and 5 minute walk or by boat.

Saharun is the white sand beach in the bay in the northern part of Dugi Otok, ideal for families with children, with the possiblility to rent deck chairs and to enjoy in a beach coctail bar. The beach is pretty big for sand beaches in Croatia, around 300 m. Outside the sea there are partially pebbles but as You go into the sea, the bottom is covered with sand giving the whole bay and sea hypnotising blue and green color. The part towards the open sea, You can see many yachts that do not skip Saharun while cruising the Adriatic coast. You can reach Saharun by a small train going from Bozava.

Veli Zal is a pebble beach in front of the small island Mezanj near the place Dragove. It can be reached with the well-marked road and then 5 minutes walk, depends where You are going to find a place for yourself because the beach is over 1 km long. The beach is mostly covered with pebbles but there are also rocks, the bottom of the sea is in parts covered with sand. The beach Veli Zal is the kind of beach where you can easily find a place of your own, even in the high season, and if You stay there the whole day you can enjoy a beautiful sunset.


Veli Zal Dugi Otok Sali beach Veli Rat beach

Veli Rat - in the uninhabited area, but accessible by car, around the lighthouse of Veli Rat, never inhabited but accessible by car, you can find some bays with pebble beaches, but also the rocky parts with interesting formations of small natural pools in rocks. There is also a forest and You can hide from sun in the shade of the pines.

Brbinjscica - near Brbinj, but on the opposite side of the island , there are some bays with pebbles where those few who know them want spend the whole day.

Sali, Bozava, Zaglav, Zman, Luka, Brbinj - and all other places on the island are located on the side of the island towards mainland. The beaches in places are located in the peripheral zone but near. They are similar, rocky beaches with stone terraces and some with pebbles. Although all apartments in places are near to the beach, most guests decide to go right after the breakfast on the other side of the island (Saharun, Veli Zal, or some secret beach or bay), come back in the evening and go for a walk and in restaurants, bars.

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