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Island Ugljan

Island Ugljan

is located in Zadar's archipelago, and if you are taking a ferry from Zadar it is the first island you will come across. The island itself is excellently connected with mainland by ferry lines and the journey takes less than half an hour. Ugljan is one of the bigger Adriatic islands and its coastline is 74km long. Several medium sized settlements are located on the island, such as: Ugljan, Preko, Kali, Sutomiscic, Lukoran, Poljana and Kukuljica, as well as many villages.


is, because of its location, the central settlement of the island, as well as the island's ferry port. In the old core of the settlement you can see old Dalmatian architecture. This is not the only typicality of the settlement. As is common for the coast, its inhabitants live from agriculture, fishing and tourism. Just 80 m from the settlement you can see the idyllic island Galevac with a Franciscan monastery. This little island is reachable from the Preko beach, and swimming to it won't give you much strain. Also, the settlement provides the basic tourist offer: from restaurants and bars, to shops, a bank and a gas station. In some way it can be considered a suburbia to Zadar. While vacationing in Preko guests can find a bed in private apartments or houses.


on the northwestern side of the island is the biggest settlement. Inhabitants are living from agriculture, fishing, tourism, viticulture and olive growing. The settlement has several attractive sandy beaches, the most beautiful ones are in the Cinta, Mostir and Juzna Luka coves, and restaurants that are famous for their domestic specialties. Ugljan dominates the whole northern part of the island with 9 smaller settlements (Ceprljanda, Batalaza, Susica, Muline, Lucine Selo, Guduce, Varos, Fortostina) and many coves. Private apartments in the vicinity of the sea and beaches are many, but one should take into account that they are mostly on secluded positions and there are a few kilometers until the nearest store or restaurant – it would be ideal to have a bicycle.

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Kukljica - Ugljan

Kali - island Ugljan Beach in Kukljica Island Galevac near Preko Beach in Muline


is a fishing settlement and has one of the most important fishing fleets. Its two harbors full of fishing boats are a sight to be seen. The settlement stretches down the whole width of the island so the “old part” of the settlement lies in the Zadar channel overlooking mainland and Zadar, while the newer part stretches towards the Lamjana cove towards the southwest, overlooking Dugi otok and Kornati islands. You can enjoy the view from the hilly old town that consists of typical narrow streets and stone houses built in Dalmatian style.


on the southern part of the island, near Pasman, is a tourist/fishing settlement. Apart from being a fishing destination, the settlement recently became a favorite tourist spot, especially for excursionists and yachtsmen as well as for families with children. The settlement seems to be attractive to younger and older generations, probably because of its interesting position - Kukuljica lies in a bay surrounded by a pine forest. Because of the mentioned, beaches can be found next to the settlement but “on the other side of the island” as well: following a 10 minute long path you will reach the southern side of the island and Sabusa and Jelenica beaches. Except in private apartments in the village it is possible to find board in the tourist settlement of Zelena Punta. If staying in Kukuljica on the 5th of August on the Day of Lady of Snow (Gospa od Snijega) you shouldn't miss the special attraction - the traditional boat procession.

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