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Dugi Otok island

Dugi Otok is the seventh largest island in the Adriatic Sea and the largest of the Zadar islands and has around 2000 inhabitants. An administrative center and a capital of the island is Sali, other places on the island: Veli Rat, Verunić, Soline, Zverinac, Božava, Dragove, Brbinj, Savar, Luka, Žman, Zaglav.

The island is in the first place detination for those who want to spend their vacation in peace and quiet enjoying the intacted nature. Most of the beaches on the island are natural rocky beaches with access to the sea but the island is recognized mostly for its sand and pebble beaches in unhabited parts of the island and bays where You can find a beach „only for yourself“ even in the high season. Large number of those beaches You can reach by car and a 5 minute walk but it is easy to find also a boat for rent to reach those hidden bays and islands. The events you sure don't want to miss out are „Saljske užance“ which take place every year during the first weekend in August.

The island offers accomodation in hotels which You can find in Bozava and Sali, apartments and holiday houses all over the island. Special interest is showed for the „Robinson Crusoe type of houses“ or „fisherman houses“ which You can find in Nature Park Telascica and small island near Dugi otok, for example Lavdara, Krknata..

  Apartment - Dugi Otok  Hotel - Dugi Otok  
Sali - Dugi Otok

Beach Saharun Dugi Otok Sali Veli Rat

Vicinity of National Park Kornati and Nature Park Telascica and organised excursions are attractions that make most of the tourists' vacations unforgettable. At the same time you can go diving on Dugi otok and see also the beauties of undersea world.

Island Dugi otok has a rocky coast, and inhabited places on the island also have rocky beaches with stone terraces for easier entrance into the sea. The most beautiful beaches are outside, in isolated area... Beach Dugi Otok

Other attractions:
- Grpašćak – the lookout point (300 m height above sea level)
– Telašćica, Krune - 300 m high rocks
– Telašćica, Mir – a salt lake – Telašćica,
- Saharun – a sandy beach,
- Strašna peć – a cave in the central part of the island
- tunnels for submarines near Dragove and Bozava

You can reach the island daily:
Zadar-Sali-Zaglav (catamaran)
Zadar- Brbinj (3 times a day ferry)

  Sali Bozava Zaglav Brbinj Veli Rat Zman Soline Telascica  
  Luka Savar Verunic Polje Dragove Lavdara Krknata Rava  

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