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Bibinje - Croatia

Bibinje is the first resort in the suburbs of Zadar, 6 km southeast from the city of Zadar. The village is not large, but rather extended along 4km of coastline with beaches and a beautiful promenade. It has about 4000 (four thousand) inhabitants who are mainly occupied with agriculture, fishing and tourism. Bibinje is mentioned for the first time in written documents of the thirteenth century and derives its name from the name of a Roman patrician - Vibius - who owned property in the territory of Bibinje (praedium, fundusVibianum).

In the village there are five Catholic churches, a museum that houses a very interesting ethnographic collection and an exhibition of sacral art with works dating back to the fifteenth century in the church of John the Baptist. A Bibinje is also the nautical Marina Dalmatia - the Navy has an area of ​​over 70,000 square meters and a capacity of 1,400 berths and is the largest marina on the Adriatic. 

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Bibinje beach - the bays of Bibinje are famous for their beautiful beaches of gravel and sand, pebbles and artificial docks that are the main attraction for tourists and are also suitable for families with small children. All the beaches are equipped with showers.
Bibinje has an good offer of private apartments, which are located near the sea and the beaches. There are also many restaurants, shops, bars, garage repair of motor vehicles and marine engines, emergency room, pharmacy, post office with currency exchange. Those who prefer a holiday in the hotel, can easily stay in one of the hotels in the nearby Zadar and attend the beaches of Bibinje

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