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Apartments Dugi Otok

Apartments on Dugi Otok are the most common type of accommodation for people who decide to plan their vacation on their own without the help of a travel agency. If you find hotels on the island that exceed your travel budget, staying in an apartment is “mandatory”, since there are no camps. Luckily, there are enough apartments, although not too much, so it is no surprise when guests without booked reservations are left without a room and have to catch the last ferry of the day. It makes it even better for the ones already vacationing on the island, because it prevents overcrowded beaches and places, in the peak of the season.

When choosing apartments on Dugi Otok, it is important to know that all settlements in the island’s 45 kilometer of length are very well connected and easily reachable. Some of the island’s attractions such as Telascica Nature Park, Veli Rat lighthouse, Saharun and Veli Zal beaches and salt lake Mir are almost obligatory places to visit, so you can already foresee that you may have to travel from one end of the island to the other. But don’t let that discourage you because every now and then you will find breathtaking panoramic viewpoints on the side of the road that make your ride delightful. Having that in mind, wherever you choose an apartment, you made a good choice and we are sure it’s close to some of the most beautiful parts of the island.

If you would like to visit nature park Telascica or have a boat to go around Kornati, it is recommended that you stay on the south side of the island and rent an apartment in Sali, Zaglav and Zman. Sali, being the biggest place on the island, has a couple of bars opened till late in the evening, so if you can’t imagine a vacation without a few nights out, Sali is the place to go.

The best beaches on Dugi Otok are on the north – Saharun and Veli Zal – so if you think that the beach is one of the main things on your holiday, renting an apartment in Veli Rat, Soline, Polje, Verunic,Bozava or Dragove is the choice for you.

Brbinj, Luka and Savar are located almost in the middle of the island, so choosing apartments from one of those places is perfect for guests who want to move around the island and be well connected to each side of Dugi Otok.

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In Telascica Nature Park, on the very south of the island there are dozens of houses perfect for guests that enjoy peace, serenity and nature.

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