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Verunic - Veli Rat - island Dugi Otok

Verunic and Veli Rat are two places on the island Dugi Otok that are 100 meters apart, but there is half the sea. Both located at the entrance of the bay itself, it also takes 3km to get there on foot or by car. Verunic counts forty houses and has two restaurants offering local specialties. The restaurant also offers DM their catch fresh. A Verunic you can stay in some private apartments.

Veli Rat is a bit 'bigger than Verunic. It has the well-equipped nautical marina where you can also rent bikes. A Veli Rat is an excellent restaurant with seafood dishes, a pizzeria and a grocery store. In the village you can still see some stone houses of traditional construction. Veli Rat is connected to the port where the ferries dock Brbinj of Zadar with the bus route. Even in Veli Rat tourists staying in private apartments and holiday homes.

  Apartment Verunic Veli Rat  
Veli Rat

Veli Rat Verunić Veli Rat Veli Rat

Lighthouse Veli Rat is detached from the land which bears the name of about 3km. And 'one of the main attractions of Dugi Otok. Built in 1849. with 42m high, open, is one of scenic spots of excellence in Dugi Otok. Near the lighthouse there are several bays with pebble beaches and many prefer just to do these days at sea.

    Dugi Otok Beach Dugi Otok    

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