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Brbinj - Savar - Dragove - island Dugi Otok

Brbinj is the first place you will see arriving by ferry from Zadar to island Dugi otok. Since there are only 3-4 ferries a day, it doesn't look like a port, it is a quiet place with main occupations fishing and farming. The village is situated between the two picturesque bays named Jaz and Lucina. The place is surrounded by pine trees and olive groves. In Brbinj you can find a post office, a small shop and 3 excellent restaurants, the reason why many sailing boats stay in the bays of Brbinj with the "excuse" that the bays are well protected. You can visit a beautiful bay Brbišćica over the hill, surrounded with cliffs and numerous caves, the safest port on the outer side of the island.

Savar is the first village you come across going from Brbinj to the south of the island. You can instantly recognize its look from the postcards - small peninsula with church and few houses. There is also a well known cave Strasna peć, the first organized excursion destination on Dugi otok and wider.
Many beautiful coves are ideal for fishing and tourism.
Economy in Savar is based on fishing and tourism. Savar is also well known for its exploitation of stone for the building of Zadar Roman Forum, palaces and churches in Rome and Venice, as well as UN building in New York.

  Apartment in Brbinj Savar Dragove  

Brbinj Brbinj beach Savar Dragove

Dragove - coming from Brbinj to the north of Dugi Otok , you get to Dragove. It is situated on the edge of a small but fertile plain, and about 400 m away from the bay Bokašin. It is situated on the regional road running along the entire island.
In the front of the north coast are the islands Tatisnjak, Veliki and Mali Planatak and Magarcic, and in front of the southwest coast is a low island Mežanj with a sandy beach Veli žal.

    Dugi Otok Beach Dugi Otok    

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