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Bozava - Dugi Otok island

Bozava  is a small port in the northwestern part of the island Dugi Otok. The inhabitants of Bozava are farmers and fishermen, but most of them are included in tourism activities during the summer. Near Bozava, there are island Zverinac and village Soline and also famous beach Saharun, one of the most beautiful sand beaches on the Adriatic Sea. 

Bozava is a small peaceful place with crystal clear blue sea, beautiful small bays surrounded with pine woods. Bozava is the most developed tourist resort on the island, with hotel complex (hotels Mirta, Agava, Lavanda and Maxim) and restaurants. The hotels have been renovated recently and now have a higher category. Bozava has a famous diving center with diving school and it is a destination for sailors.
Bozava has a post office, bakery, kiosk in the hotel and two grocery stores

There is also a daily speedboat line to Zadar or You can take ferry that goes Zadar-Brbinj (on only 15 km distance from Bozava).

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Beaches in Bozava are situated in two areas: in front of the hotels Lavanda and Maxim from where it extends eastward along the path that passes through pine forest to Dragove and around to the north side of Bozava where there is also a part of the beach for nudists. The beach is rocky, in the area of the hotel with the stone or wood terraces. Tourist train to the beach Saharun which is on the other side of the island, 3km away, goes every one hour from the hotel Maxim.

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