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Apartments Zadar Riviera

Apartments on the Zadar Riviera, besides a wide range of offerings depending on the type of apartment or vacation home, are distinguished by a variety of destinations at which it is possible to spend your holiday. They all gravitate towards Zadar, which you must visit during your stay, and are a part of the Dalmatian region, therefore in every town of the Zadar Riviera you will be able to feel the typical Dalmatian atmosphere and everything that it brings: the colors, scents and the sounds of the sea.

Apartments in Nin, Privlaka or Zaton will primarily attract guests who are looking for sandy beaches which can be found around Nin, 15 km north of Zadar. In the same area there are also smaller towns of Vrsi and Sabunike.

Guests who would like to have a tour of Zadar or stop by for an evening out, but prefer to stay in a more peaceful ambience of a small coastal town during the day, can choose an apartment in one of the towns of Zadar Riviera near Zadar, like Petrcane, Bibinje, Sukosan, Kozino, which are located within 10 km from Zadar.

Those who would have gladly stayed on the island, but considered it complicated or expensive to use the ferry, can look for an apartment on the island of Vir, which is connected to the mainland by a bridge at Privlaka, just like the island of Pag where you can arrive by a ferry or a bridge from the direction of Zadar.

The Podvelebit coast where the Velebit Mountain comes into direct contact with the sea is especially evocative and lovers of trekking and mountaineering can spend a vacation in this part of the Riviera and rent an apartment in Stari Grad Paklenica, Karlobag or smaller towns like Tribanj, Seline, Rovanjska, Vinjerac, Benici, Razanac.

South of the Zadar Riviera is the Biograd Riviera stretching all the way to the Lake Vrana. It is well known for camping, but there are also many excellent apartments that will probably be chosen a more dynamic guests who are planning to have a more active vacation and visit the sights, and will take the advantage of the favorable position of the Biograd Riviera: besides the vicinity of Zadar and Kornati, Biograd is 40 km away from Sibenik and the Krka waterfalls. A weak of summer vacations is not enough to see it all.

Another special part of the Zadar Riviera are the so called Seas – the Novigrad and Karin Seas - which would, if they were not salt water, otherwise be lakes because of their position and shape. The canyon of the river Zrmanja opens up to the Novigrad sea, indispensable for the lovers of rafting, so if you want to see these natural phenomena up close look for an apartment or house for rent in Posedarje, Novigrad, Maslenica, Karin or Pridraga.

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