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Novalja - Croatia


The town of Novalja Pag is located at 23km from the capital , and for its central location is an excellent starting point for excursions to other places of the island . And ' the greatest tourist center on the island extremely sought after for its proximity to the beach Zrce , one of the most vibrant and active beaches " revelers " in Europe, known for its wide range of musical entertainment youth , many bars, pubs and clubs outdoor infrastructures for the practice of all water sports and many sports fields.

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Following the coast road before arriving at the village of Pag is located Dinjiska , whose inhabitants are devoted to agriculture and livestock - to the west of the country are the salt of the side to which the old road that runs alongside the lake Veil Blato , leads to Povljane. Lake Velo Blato is a marshy expanse covered by reeds home to wild ducks , herons and pheasants , and that only in the winter it turns into a real lake. A Dinjiska lies the medieval church of San Mauro built between the fourteenth and fifteenth century, where you can admire one of the oldest murals of Dalmatia.
Pass the salt from the road that leads to Dinjiska Povljana splits and turning south to reach the Bay of Vlasici , one of the many bays that separate the island from the coast of Pag County.
A long peninsula called Prutna separates the bays of Povljana from Old to New Povljana where the town is located , and together form the island of Vir Povljana New channel that leads to the Mount Velebit Channel . In the southern part of the plain of Povljana, in the bay called Old Povljana are the remains of a Roman villa .

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Pag from the road climbs with switchbacks carved into the bare rock from which you can enjoy beautiful views .
Along the road that leads to Pag Novalja are the villages of:
Kosljun - is located 5 km from Pag , on the road Pag - Novalja , following the branch that descends to divide after 5km and following the branch that descends to the south- east can be reached from Pag,
Simuni - fishing village overlooking the sandy coast , has a marina for small boats and a large campground .

Continuing to meet the hinterland of the island of Kolan Mandre and where they produce the famous Pag cheese A Kolan you can see the remains of the Roman aqueduct that supplied the island with water, while in the village are the ruins Rudina of an ancient fortification in the Middle Ages it became a castle with a circular tower . Continuing along the road that leads to Novalja from Kolan meet and Sveti Sveti Duh Jerolimin , cross the mountain of Kastel and meets the branch for Zigljen where the ferry to the mainland Prizna .

On the road that leads from Novalja to Lun , passing through olive groves, you will encounter various villages including Gramace with the church of St. John Gager with the port of Jakisnica

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