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Zaglav - Luka - Zman - island Dugi Otok

Zaglav is a place of particular interest for boaters and those who want to enjoy the tranquility of the place to enjoy a period of rest. A Zaglav is the only gas station on the island and there are also two good restaurants. In addition to the beautiful rocky beaches, Zaglav offers a variety of sports such as beach volleyball and basketball field of artificial sand, and two diving schools. A Zaglav taking advantage of the services offered by local fishermen you can visit with their boats the National Park Kornati and Nature Park Telascica.. 

Luka is situated at the bottom of the hill Vela Straza, the highest island. There are beautiful walks and natural beaches which are the main reason why most of the tourists choose to visit this small village near Zman. You can also find safe bays to anchor in the bay of Boka and you can take advantage of the curative mud for a pleasant natural therapy.
There are also two restaurants, a bar, a grocery store and a small hotel.

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Zaglav Zman Zman Zaglav

Zman is a small harbor in the south- eastern part of Dugi Otok in the north -west of Sali and Zaglav and south- east of Luka, 13 miles from Zadar . Zman is the second largest country on the island of Dugi Otok and is located on a small bay Zmanscica . There are two small islands nearby: Krknata and Krava that in some parts have parts beaches with shallow water and represent an interesting place for snorkeling, diving, or simply to stop the boat and swim. Zman are located in the hinterland of Velo and Malo Jezero ( Small Lake and Grande). These two " lakes " are formed as the lakes in winter and in rainy periods . In the summer, are processed as fields. The people of Zman during the tourist season dealing with related activities, but during the year are fishing and producing agricoltora of good olive oil, wine and genuine products of the territory.
A Zman there is a grocery store, a post office, a doctor's office, two restaurants, a tavern, a bar and the beach. Accommodation where to stay is in the private apartments.

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