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Island Pasman

Island Pasman

is one of the destinations everyone has heard about, but try asking someone to name one of the settlements on the island and you will soon realize that no one was actually there. Especially if you try to mention the settlements …. Dobropoljana, Zdrelac, Barotul, Nevidane …. everyone will say that they are on Brac, Pag, Cres or any other island rather than Pasman. Soon it will become obvious that no one actually vacationed on Pasman. Even though Pasman is one of the “closer Zadar islands”, located just opposite of Biograd and connected by ferry, it has all the characteristics of smaller and more distant islands and isles on which you can spend your holiday away from mass tourism. The island side overlooking Kornati is almost completely uninhabited with numerous coves and anonymous beaches to be discovered, while on the side overlooking mainland you can find sandy beaches. Considering it is connected to Ugljan with a bridge these two islands are often cited as one – Ugljan Pasman – and when vacationing on one usually it is unavoidable to visit the other.


is the first settlement you reach after leaving mainland and passing the bridge. It is interesting how the settlement is positioned with one part towards the mainland and the other towards Dugi otok and Kornati so if its a bit windy you just have to go to the other side and swim in the lee.


is a ferry port on the southern side of Pasman that connects Pasman with Biograd. It has long boardwalks along the sea for jogging or strolling, nice gravely, sandy beaches and clean sea. The settlement has a dispensary, stores, an exchange office, pharmacy and a post office along with numerous apartments. Next to Tkon is the hill Cokovac where you can visit the unique Croatian male Benedictine monastery – monastery of St. Kuzma and Damjan dating back to the 12th century. Also you can enjoy the wonderful view of the islands Pasman and Kornati or go diving, surfing or sailing.

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Pasman - Kraj

typical stone walls Pasman monastery Sandy beach - island Pasman stone house


is located between Pasman and Mrljane in the Taline cove. It is a settlement where you can enjoy a peaceful vacation away from the crowds in one of the beautiful sandy beaches.


on the southeastern part of the island lies between the settlements Pasman and Tkon and is inhabited by people growing olives or practicing viticulture. It is a peaceful place where you can enjoy sand covered beaches or visit a Franciscan monastery of St. Duje from the 14th century.


is located across the isle Babac in the Pasman channel. From the settlement you can gaze on the numerous uninhabited isles and islands that are a popular destination for boats and yachts. Pasman has two sand beaches and several little harbors. It is excellent for divers considering its rich offshore. The settlement is ancient and has been inhabited since Roman times and was mentioned for the first time under the name “Postimana” by king Petar Kresimir 4. in 1067. As is common, the inhabitants practice fishing and agriculture and as of late tourism.

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