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Zadar is an ancient city and this fact accompanies its visitors at every turn. Typical Mediterranean streets paved with white stone, narrow streets, magnificent city gates, but also smaller squares with churches and bell towers, walls surrounding the old town peninsula, everything points to a long and rich history of the city. It is enough to look at the map and the position of Zadar on the eastern Adriatic coast, in order to realize its strategic importance to the maritime traffic crossing these parts since the Roman times. There are many traces left by its residents through the various periods and they have managed to be preserved to this day.

Today Zadar is a city monument organized for pedestrians, so take a walk between the ancient buildings and try to breathe in the passed centuries, quietly enter the churches, visit the museums or just sit down and relax. Sit somewhere beside the stone, and feel the story it could tell you. Then make a few more steps to the beach and look over the sunny open sea towards the island of Ugljan and the highest peaks of Dugi Otok and you will be drawn by the sound of the sea organ at the end of the Zadar peninsula. While listening to the sea organ and its music it’s a great time to go for a swim: although you are in the city center, you can jump into the sea from the waterfront and take a swim, as do many people of Zadar.

Then go back to the old town and lose yourself in the narrow streets, but this time let yourself be drawn to one of the many restaurants or taverns by the smell fish stew, pasticada, grilled dory and other delicacies. After the meal, a coffee, and the only problem is to decide: whether to sit in the shade, on Kalelarga and see who is there, or bask in the sun and get a tan (if you have your sunscreen).

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On the inner side of the peninsula you should absolutely take a walk to the fishing boats in the harbor and try to figure out if the last nights catch was any good, then walk across the bay over the footbridge and take a glance at the city's bell towers and take a few photos. Watch the ferries and boats come and leave the harbor just barely missing each other.

In the evening the center of Zadar is a completely different place. From far away you are attracted by the colors of the "Greeting to the Sun", and the city is full of people, lights, events: you just need to choose a spot where you feel the best ... and forget about the time.

And after you return from Zadar, and remember it during the long winter months, two colors will appear before your eyes - white and blue: white as stone and blue as the sea – and you will know that Zadar is in your heart. You'll have to come back...

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