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Zadar riviera

Riviera of Zadar comprises the area of northern Dalmatia whose common attribute is to bound Zadar and its airport and harbour. Numerous towns along the Adriatic coast, and most of all anonymous small places sequenced in small picturesque bays and islands of typical Mediterranean attribute, make Riviera of Zadar ambience of complete contrast to the urban rhythm and crowd that mark a daily life of metropolis on the north.

Key attribute of Riviera is diversity of certain of its parts. If one would compare experience of cruising the Kornati islands, with another experienced in spending vacation in exploring Paklenica, or one visiting Krka waterfalls, or maybe one having a therapy treatment in the peloide of Nin, rafting Zrmanja river, fishing along the coast of Dugi Otok ... Everything could be more acceptable than of thinking in staying in one area not wider than 100 kilometres.

Saharun - Dugi Otok

Biograd Zadar Bibinje Zadar Kukljica - Ugljan

Typical guest of Riviera spends at last, a most of its holiday, on a beach, enjoying a crystal clear sea and mild climate, and visits at least few of unforgettable destinations as Zadar and Sibenik are, or visits the Kornati islands.

With almost 100 hotels, more than 50 000 beds in quality private accommodation, 20 000 places in camps and marina's and traditional hospitality of local people, Riviera is a destination able to answer all those demands of a modern tourist, as well as the one whose final goal is a deserved holiday, and the one who would use all the facilities that Riviera of Zadar can offer.

Since the islands of Zadar and Zadar archipel merit special attention, we dedicate a separate presentation - Zadar Islands - and for "Riviera" in the strictest sense we consider in our offer all the cities on the coast: from Karlobag, Starigrad and Razanac , Privlaka, Nin, Petrcane, until Sukosan, Biograd and Pakostane and all the villages that lie along the coast over 100km from the coast under the Velebit mountain to Lake Vrana.

  Biograd Starigrad Bibinje Privlaka Sukosan Petrcane Filip Jakov Nin  
  Pakostane Razanac Turanj Zaton Benici Novigrad Vrsi Vir  

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